It Is Good To Concentrate On Elements Of Music When You Have To Submit Music Of Any Kind

Many people think it is commonly believed that music is spontaneous and not planned. Yes, maybe, but not always. It would be interesting for you to get into the mind of an artist to see what really happens and then understand how a piece of music evolves. When you have to submit music, you are probably thinking about technicalities, deadlines, instruments, fellow artists, and a lot more. This is probably because you have not given much thought to the elements of music that are likely to define the quality of the songs you submit. Take a moment now to understand a few things about rhythm, harmonies, and chord structures – these are likely to make or break your efforts at recording music.

Rhythm & Harmonies

The rhythm and harmony section of any piece of music is really what you need to think about. Let’s imagine that you have at least 3 or 4 other instrumentalists who are going to accompany you on your journey as a song submitting artist. One might be on the guitar, one on the drums, and probably there might be a couple of other instruments that are suited to your kind of music. Most of us are aware that the rhythm section of any song is its foundation. Once you have this in place, you can start thinking about recording the harmonies. While recording this, you need to think about the chord structure that you would like to create. It all depends on the song when you are making a basic chord progression structure or framework.

Melodies & Colour

Sometimes the melody is very clear in your head. Now, how do you get it across to everybody else in the group? It’s certainly not easy, but you have to try. Generally, the lead guitarist or the lead vocalist is able to lead the rest of the group in understanding the melody or the main theme of the song. Of course, you can always think of putting together other supporting melodies so that it becomes a full piece of music. Can one really add colour to music? Isn’t colour visual but music not? When you talk about colour in music you are referring to the little nuances that add to the richness and value of what you have put together.

Irrespective of the genre of music that you are well versed in, you will realise that it all depends on the integration of your own melody, the accompaniment of fellow artists, and of course the output of well-maintained instruments.

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