Why Is The Handpan So Highly-Priced?

Yes! All the handpans now available in the market are expensive and out of reach for the common people. Inquiries reveal that the price ranges from $1200 to anywhere close to $ 3500.

This is quite a lot of money and therefore, it is your responsibility to make the right choice after a deep study of the price and what you require from a handpan. Some people may be just starting with a handpan and their requirement could be satisfied with the rather low priced models. But for someone who is a true music enthusiast, the choice would rest in the higher-priced models.

Why are they high priced?

Making a quality handpan is not an easy task. Most of the handpans in the market are made by skilled artisans who not only have the skill to turn a metal sheet into an instrument that can create exquisite notes when tapped but they should also have that extra power to recognize each note that emanates from the piece. These instruments take a long time to make as they are mostly made by hand. Right from shaping the steel sheets into the form of a dome to hammering it produce the tone fields, this is a job surely for the expert.

The nitriding process takes time and creating the different tones and fine-tuning the instrument for the perfect tune is a meticulous task that consumes not only time but also energy. This is why these instruments are high priced.

Considering its popularity now, the handpan is in high demand but unfortunately, this has not been met by equal supply. This has contributed to higher pricing.

What then is the reasonable price to pay for a handpan? This is a very subjective question as it depends on how much you need the instrument and the quality you require. For example, if you come across a meticulously constructed instrument that can create enchanting notes, then its worth would jump up. If you are looking for such a piece, then you would be willing to buy it at a higher price. On the contrary, if you are a beginner you would opt for something much cheaper as you are not bothered about the quality.

In the current market, a quality handpan would be priced anywhere between $1200 to about $3500. You may be wondering why there is such a variance. Well, the reason is obvious! If the user is highly inclined towards music and has an ear for music he would definitely go for the one that produces exquisite tones, and these are generally priced higher. The lower ranges would suit those who are just starting to use the instrument. Quality always has its cost.

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