What Are The Best Rose Perfumes?

There are many who only know of a rose and nothing more; tuberose is one of the most elegant and beautiful flowers that have been the base for many different brands of perfumes. From some of the best-known perfumeries in the world to simple homemade distilleries, there are many who use the tuberose to their advantage, churning out scents that are coveted and timeless. It is always a matter of debate when we refer to a scent being timeless; this is mainly because it is an element that is liked by all, across generations and is also one that is not considered out of sync with fashion and habit at the present point in time. Therefore, a person wishing to impress looks for scents that have natural fragrances in them – tuberose is one such perfume decant.


Though this is a plant that is quite well-known in the Indian subcontinent, it is native to Mexico. In fact, it is part of the agave family, which is a plant that is closely associated with this country. What makes this flower quite enticing is the strong scent that it gives out when the flowers are in full bloom. The leaves are a dull green colour and the plants do not grow too tall. The flowers are present in an inflorescence, which means that they grow in bunches on a single stem. The petals are a milky white colour. The flower resembles a miniature lily and hence there are some who refer to it as a tube-lily rather than tuberose. Either way, it is a beautiful flower which is fairly easy to grow and maintain. The flowers are harvested and graded according to their sizes before being shipped off to the ultimate consumers.

In Perfumeries

Since the 17th century, this is one of the most common flowers to be used in perfumeries in many countries. Since it has such a sweet and strong smell, this is used on its own, most of the time. There are a few perfume houses that mix this scent along with other floral ones to produce a headier concoction that is widely liked too. If you are not very careful, you might get a scent that is a little too overpowering.

With a tuberose scent on your wrist, you are ready to take on a gathering of some of the most elegant people in your town. Find the best brand to enhance your appeal.

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