Here Is What You Should Know When Charting Someone’s Story

Deciding to write about someone is tricky because you do not know how much to use and how much to discard from their lives. This is especially true if your subject is someone who has lived an eventful life filled with twists and turns. What do you do in this kind of situation? You want to be true to the topic of your choice but also have to make decisions on what has to be part of the story. Take the story of Roberto and William Isaias who belong to the Isaias Group. You might feel a bit daunted by this thinking that there is too much information about them out there. What you need to understand is that this is a good thing. It is only harder when you do not have anything to go on. That makes the story feel boring and empty. But if the subject is anything like the Isaias brothers, then you are in for a treat. Suddenly, the story has so many interesting elements to it that you want to chart it. And the process of doing this will surely be enthralling due to the nature of the people present in it and the course of their lives.

Care About Them

Unless you are willing to care and respect the people you are charting, the end result is not going to be satisfactory. In a story such as the one of the Isaias’, there are a few elements that may feel sensational. But as much you would like to publish them, it is your duty to ask the people involved if they would be okay with this information coming out. This shows that you care about the people and are not just using them for personal gain. It might be a small act on your part, but it is sure to mean a lot to them.


Think of this as a rule but you should not make up something just because it spices up the story. Focus on the facts otherwise, regardless of how nicely you construct the fake information, you will be found out. It is not worth the risk and also ties into the element of care and respect that we mentioned earlier. The good news is that if you are charting the story of people like the Isaias, then the facts do not need any embellishment. Present them as they happened and that will spice up what you are putting together.

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