Find Out More About What Expanded Metal Can Be Used For

Using expanded metal has been in vogue for quite some time; today, the applications are numerous because of the kind of malleability and stress-resistant feature that it has. To understand the science behind this, it would be good to know how this is made and because of which it has become one of the strongest kinds of metal to be used in the construction space. Many years ago, this kind of expanded metal was used only to make cages for animals; today it has evolved to such a stage where expanded metal has been strengthened and put to good use in various applications such as floors, stair-treads, or stair-risers or any other such applications where an open metal surface is preferable to a close done. Though there might be a few challenges in trying to keep this clean, expanded metal suppliers still claim that it is a favoured material in many building sites. Also, you will find this material used in temporary structures that are essential in many places.

Stair-treads Or Stair-risers 

This is probably the commonest use of this particular material. Since there are gaps in the metal, it becomes both light as well as a strong option for those who want to put in place a set of steps without cluttering the place with a solid concrete structure. To understand how this works and what it will look like, you need to also know which part of the staircase can be constructed using expanded metal. The stair tread is the part on which you place your foot while the stair riser is the part that is below each of the stair treads that you walk on. In some cases, you will find that the expanded metal is used for both these applications, while in some places it is used only as a stair riser and not a stair tread.

Cleaning Expanded Metal

If it is a small surface area, you could just use a simple vacuum cleaner to ensure that the place is free of dust and possibly some grime as well. However, if this material has been used in a place that is frequented by people, it might need some pressure cleaning to be done. The one thing that you should be careful about is the use of water or steam. This should not affect the other components or machines that are placed within the enclosure made of expanded metal.

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